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As someone who loves PCB badges and all their unique designs, this one caught my eye. It stands out for two main reasons. The first is the aesthetic: a cute and colorful rocket design with LED eyes. The second is its purpose: the IT Girls PCB Badge (Rocket Badge) was created to promote STEM education for girls.

I’ve always had a love of computers and technology, but the thought of a career in engineering never occurred to me in high school. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I understood the field of engineering, or realized how much I love learning about it. More things like this badge may have started me on a path to engineering at an earlier age.

Promoting STEM education for kids is vitally important, and it’s something that we don’t always see marketed to young girls.

This neat badge kit, from AdvanceIT, is perfect for beginners and contains 1 PCB, 2 color changing LEDs, 1 switch, and 1 battery holder. All you need is a CR1220 battery and a neck strap if you desire one.

This badge also features an empty white area where kids can write their names. Whether for a kid interested in learning how to solder, or and adult beginner, the IT Girls PCB Badge is the perfect place to start!

Source: Tindie

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