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The Sega Dreamcast is the epitome of “before its time.” The console had so many amazing ideas that would eventually find their way into future devices, but it lacked both the adoption and the security to compete in the market.

Between concepts that weren’t quite ready for prime time, and a rampant piracy problem, it never managed to find the success it deserved.

If you still have yours and you want to get it online for projects like DreamPi, this telephone line voltage inducer is the perfect fit. By providing power to a dry telephone line, you can use it with a modern computer modem and without the need for a telephone network.

Even if you’re not interested in connecting a Dreamcast to the World Wide Web, this device will also let you connect two old phones together to form an in-house connection free of any network needs. All you need to provide is a 9 volt battery and you’re all set!

Those who are looking to incorporate their own power supply will also be happy to know that this kit includes 2 pieces of heat shrink tube for sealing the power wires once you splice them.

Source: Tindie

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