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With vinyl records back in demand, setting up a record deck properly ensures you get a clean, undistorted sound without putting unnecessary wear on your beloved collection. The Turntable Protractor is an ideal tool for vinyl enthuiasts, allowing for accurate setup of the stylus, to ensure it runs parallel with each of the tracks – minimising pressure on the sides of the record groove.

The Turntable Protractor is made of fibreglass and comes with gold lines on a black background for precise visibility of each measurement. This video shows you all you need to know about setup of the stylus using a turntable protractor. For anyone who’s ever set up a record deck, you’ll be aware there are a number of variables and settings at play, including balancing tracking weights, choosing cartridge types, setting tonearms, and adjusting anti-skip wheels. Everything else you need to know is available in this guide from TechRadar.

The Turntable Protractor is a unique device which has high visibility and a simple design to ensure your records sound as good as they did on first playback! Set your deck up properly, and take care of your records with this handy tool – it’s newly available from Garrett’s Workshop based in Ohio.

Source: Tindie

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