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Despite the digitization of just about everything, it’s still quite common to see vending machines out in the wild that take cash and coins. While a DIY vending machine may not be your first pick for a project, you’re going to need a method for taking and confirming payment if you decide to build one.

This timer module offers a perfect niche solution for that very problem. Simply plug your coin acceptor pulse output into the coin input on the board. Program the price of pulses required to toggle the relay, and how long it should stay enabled using the buttons on the board, and you’re all set. The configurations are stored on the EEPROM, so they will remain the same even after power is turned off.

The board operates at 12V DC and accepts pulses from an open collector coin acceptor. Each pulse is equal to one credit. Something like this is useful in all manner of vending machines, whether you’re selling drinks or dispensing things like air or electricity.

If you have your own firmware in mind, it’s also possible to reprogram the board to meet your project’s needs.

Source: Tindie

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