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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Air Hydro Power Inc. has announced that it is now a Universal Robots Certified Training Center. It is an industrial distributor of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical automation, and hose and fittings, and Universal Robots A/S is the market leader in collaborative robot arms or cobots.

Odense, Denmark-based Universal Robots has launched a worldwide network of authorized training centers that expands on its popular Universal Robots Academy online training. Air Hydro Power sells and supports robots from Universal Robots and other vendors.

A structured curriculum developed by Universal Robots covers a comprehensive range of core cobot skills, while the small class sizes allow for flexibility in pace and trainer interactions to keep all participants engaged throughout the class, said the companies.

Core cobot skills training

Air Hydro Power is ready to welcome students into new hands-on classes that will teach core programming skills to cobot users, regardless of their backgrounds and levels of prior experience. Certified trainers will help broaden the understanding of UR cobots and their range of use, while providing opportunities for hands-on practice in real-life applications.

“The goal of this training is to empower our customers to be successful in robot deployments in the thin labor market,” said Mike Welch, robotics sales engineer at Air Hydro Power. “Basic knowledge of Universal Robots will insure that they are successful.”

The company has two robotic specialists who will be facilitating the UR training. Welch supports Kentucky and Southern Indiana, and Allen Jackson supports the state of Alabama.

“By providing our customers with basic knowledge and training of Universal Robots without the high cost of traveling out of state, we believe that we will have more successful customers” added Jackson.

Universal Robots keeps class content constantly updated and consistent across regions and provides ongoing training to its instructors. Participants can always expect cutting-edge instruction by certified trainers.

The Universal Robots Training Center complements the other in-house training that Air Hydro Power offers, including PLC, HMI, I/O link, pneumatics, hydraulics, and hose technologies.

About Air Hydro Power

Air Hydro Power is owned by Tom McGuire, Dick Beaven, and Matt Ott and is headquartered in Louisville, Ky. The company has 14 locations throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Alabama. For 11 years running, it has been one of the recipients of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky program. For more information, contact Sarah McGuire at [email protected].

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Source: The Robot Report

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