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Eurorack Synths are the core of any modular setup, providing the seed and foundation to a tapestry of sonic adventures. Here we have the Euro Kastle Synth V1.5, which houses the Bastl Instruments Kastle Synth into a 10HP Eurorack module – creating a unique lofi sound which covers melodies, drones, noises and percussion from smooth softness to hard edged sounds!

This v1.5 version combines a complex oscillator and LFO with stepped waveform generator. The oscillator has 3 sound parameters: pitch, timbre and waveshape, which can be controlled by CVs and has SIX synthesis modes! The Euro Kastle features two Attiny 85 chips that can be reprogrammed with an Arduino with one chip dedicated to sound generation and the other one handling modulation. Good news: the Kastle is also totally open-source!

This kit comes with all you need to be king of the Kastle – but be warned, its aimed at advanced solderers only! It features some amendments for greater integration with the eurorack style – OSC and Rungler modes are changed by a front panel switch, a waveshape attenuator and one output/input per functionality.

The Euro Kastle is sold by Spherical Sound Society  who are based in Spain, and have a few other cool modules to check out. See the demo video below if you want to see more!

Source: Tindie