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Whether your own a home or rent an apartment, leaks are the kind of thing that can sneak up on you. They’re silent and often unknown until it’s too late. I myself have had pipes burst and sinks leak, with soaked carpet warped wood as the first indication of a problem. Not pretty.

The BIOT is a device that helps you catch leaks faster than ever. It’s a WiFi-enabled design that lasts up to five years in the field and sends an email whenever it detects a water leak, or a door opening (depending on how you use it).

It can also send temperature updates at custom intervals, and allows you to change the port and uplink URL to your own server if you want to do something different with the POST packet it sends. The HTTP POST packets work with PHP script websites using PostGRE SQL databases, if you prefer not to use the free service and intstead opt for your own server.

The BIOT stands out because it’s battery-powered and doesn’t require a gateway. It can talk directly to the WiFi router. It’s also far less expensive than equivalent platforms on the market.

Source: Tindie

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