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We made some huge product launches this morning at RUC. Jean-Philippe Jobin made the announcements… in a rather dramatic way.

Well, I can safely say that Robotiq’s CTO Jean-Philippe Jobin surpassed himself this year in terms of performing an entertaining and dangerous tech demo!

At last year’s RUC, he called his on-stage demo “dangerous” because it involved relying on a live network-connection.

This year… the demo involved one daring audience member, flying projectiles, and a lethal weapon (well… a plastic baseball bat).

But, before I tell you about this amazing demo (and show you a video of it) let’s set the scene…

Jean-Philippe announces a lot of new products!

It was 11:10 am. The crowd was coming back to their seats, finishing up their coffee’s after the break.

Robotiq’s CTO Jean-Philippe Jobin stood center stage, looking very stylish in his white shirt and black bow-tie.

“Come on!” he called to the stragglers. “Come on! Chop chop! You’re late.”

There was no time to mess around! He had a lot of things to tell us! This year, we are launching a huge number of new additions here at the Robotiq User Conference.

In fact, we’re launching 7 brand new products and resources!!

There are so many new things that Jean-Philippe had brought along a prop to help him out — a large metal gong.


“I know some of you are jetlagged now and I know you are sleepy,” he announced.

He gave the gong to an audience member.

“Each time you see the NEW logo on the screen, you stand up and bang the gong. Give it a try.”

The audience member gave it a try. A big GONNNG noise sounded throughout the hall.

We were ready to hear the new announcements!

3 New Robotiq resources to improve your learning

At Robotiq, Jean-Philippe explained, we believe that it is important for people to know more about robotics.

We already offer several resources to aid learning, including DoF, the Lean Robotics book, and this RUC event that we’re at right now. But, we’re about to offer a whole lot more.

1. Lean Robotics — the audiobook

GONNNG! New thing number 1.

The Lean Robotics book has already been more successful than we could ever have imagined. Who knew it would be so impactful that a quote from it would earn a place on one of Fusion OEM’s restroom mirrors!?

But, we wanted to make it even easier to consume the knowledge within the book. That’s why we have made an audiobook version!

The audiobook of Lean Robotics will be available on Audible within the next few days.

2. Robotiq Product Configurator

GONNNG! New thing number 2

As our experts discussed this morning, it can be difficult to know which cobot products you should choose for your application. Our new Product Configurator is a tool which tackles that problem head-on. It will continue to grow and develop in functionality, becoming an indispensable tool in the cobot-users toolbox.

Here’s the Configurator from our #RUC2019 social wall 

Source: Robotiq

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