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To ring in the new decade, Sophi Kravitz and I wrote an article over on Supplyframe Hardware detailing the tech breakthroughs of the last decade. We also made a few predictions of our own about the future.

Sophi predicted that we would eventually see a return to minimalist designs and that things like alarm clocks would become separate from our smart phones. How right she was.

The Agora Clock V2 fits perfectly into this prediction, offering a minimalist clock with a 2.13″ e-paper display and a simple buzzer alarm. The battery lasts for a year and charges via micro-USB (which is included). It also features a sleek 3D-printed case made in a textured bed, which offers a unique finish.

The processor is the same as an Arduino UNO (ATmega328P), and both the hardware and firmware are open-source. They say we should cut out the light from our phones and devices before bed, so this alarm clock is a perfect place to start.

Source: Tindie

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