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We’ve all been there. You’re spacing out at the office and you just need a break from spreadsheets or empty docs that require writing. Maybe you’ll just check Twitter, or browse Reddit for a minute. What’s the harm? Of course, you need to be on the lookout, because your boss could walk in at any moment.

The Daytripper removes this fear, allowing you to slack off in peace. This handy laser tripwire allows you to hide your windows, lock your computer, or execute a custom script every time someone trips it.

The kit comes with a tripwire module and a receiver. Mount the transmitter anywhere you like, and plug the receiver into your USB port on the computer. The sensor range is about four feet, and offers a 100 meter communication range between the two pieces in open air.

It even has a 40-hour battery life, with the option to recharge using USB-C. The kit comes in both DIY and fully assembled forms. Now, go forth and slack off with confidence!

Source: Tindie