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The ARPIE is something you will have seen taking over the music hardware world in the last few years. With illustruious customers including the likes of Vince Clarke, Jean Michelle Jarre, Celldweller and many more, it’s the hardware arpeggiator the music industry needed! The Memotab is a tiny add-on for the ARPIE which stores up to 16 ‘snapshots’ of settings for instant patch recall.

The Memotab sits comfortably on the hack header expansion port, and was inspired by the CVtab add-on which opened the door (or DAW) to modular CV signal outputs as well as snapshot memories. It’ll save all your settings, including arp rate, pattern, length, span, scale, transpositions and loads more! This comes in handy for live performances where different settings are required to be loaded quickly from one track to another, without menu diving.

To function with the Memotab, your ARPIE must have firmware version 6.1+ which can be updated using a TTL programmer, which will come in handy in future to ensure you’re always up to date.

The ARPIE is available as a kit and a fully constructed unit from Tindie, and was created by Sixty Four Pixels in Brighton, England. Check out the ARPIE and its features here:

Source: Tindie

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