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I’m a huge fan of Halloween and costume parties. Besides, who doesn’t love an awesome costume? Life can be a little monotonous at times, and what better way to add some fun, than with a ridiculously over the top costume.  With these RGB LED Shades, your costume will surely light up the party!

The RGB LED Shades are a DIY kit for creating a pair of wearable LED light-up glasses. You can even program custom graphics or messages. This kit is created and sold by macetech.

The kit is easily assembled and powered by USB. The glasses feature an LED panel with 68 full-color pixels. Even though the LEDs are very bright on the outside the design is made so that you can still see through the slots.

The shades come preloaded with patterns, for those who want to enjoy them without writing code. However, if you enjoy hacking you can go crazy coding your own custom patterns. Thanks to the Shades Audio Sensor, you can even hack them to dance to music with display sound-reactive patterns.

Source: Tindie

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