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Marktech Optoelectronics Inc. broadened its standard silicon photodiode offerings to include additional processes, active area sizes, case isolation, and packaging options.

The company’s customers can now choose from four processes to accommodate an expanded range of ultraviolet (UV) and near-infrared (NIR) applications. These include the 365-nm UV-enhanced Series 4 for spectral ranges of 300 to 1100 nm, further offered in an additional 7.5 mm2 active area size; the general-purpose Series 8 for spectral ranges of 350 to 1100 nm; and the UV- and NIR-enhanced Series 11 for spectral ranges of 254 to 1100 nm.

In terms of new standard mounting options, customers can now specify surface-mount units for automated pick-and-place capabilities, in addition to the existing choice of TO-46 (three-pin) or TO-5 (two-pin and three-pin) metal can package. TO-metal can packages may be further case isolated for reduced noise.

According to Marktech, the latest additions to the standard silicon photodiode family have been made in direct response to customer feedback, joining the also recently introduced silicon avalanche photodiodes and broadband PIN photodiodes. All Marktech silicon photodiodes feature high sensitivity, low noise, low dark current, and are REACH and RoHS compliant. Small-to-medium sized quantities of standard silicon photodiodes are typically available with 24-hour shipment from stock via the company’s long-time distribution partner, Digi-Key Electronics.

Marktech silicon photodiodes come with a full range of supporting NIR and point source emitters. The photodiodes and LED emitters may be supplied either as separate standalone components or combined into a seamless, mechanically and spectrally matched package, such as a reflective switch. Most custom and hybrid designs from the company are available in six to eight weeks from point of prototype approval and may be produced in virtually any-sized quantity, from prototype to OEM volumes.

Typical applications include colorimeters, spectroscopy equipment, fluorescence, photometers, and analytical equipment, within industries such as medical, laboratory and university research, aerospace, robotics, and industrial automation.

For more information on Marktech’s silicon photodiodes, visit here.

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