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We always like to assume that the air in our house or office is clean. After all, we change the filters and keep things as clean as we can, but without the right hardware, it’s hard to be absolutely sure the air you’re breathing is as safe as it could be. This is especially true for workshops where all manner of fumes and elements could find their way into the air.

The Mastak is an ecological sensor kit module that combines System on Modules (SoMs) like a processor, peripherals, sensors, and power circuitry, to give designers a platform for building their own air quality monitor solution. The modules even have additional IO interfaces beyond what is needed, to add even more flexibility to the platform.

The kit is ESP32 based, and supports 3G, NB-IoT, LoRa, BLE, and Wi-Fi for communication. The base version of the kit includes sensors for everything from CO2, to temperature, humidity, light, and even noise.

A few optional elements are also available, including an ultra-low power E-ink screen, a formaldehyde sensor, an Ozone sensor (not compatible with the former, it’s one or the other), or a dust sensor.

In terms of software, the Mastak also includes the ThingSpeak IoT platform with MATLAB Analytics, the ThingsBoard open IoT platform, and Android applications for setting up the Wi-Fi and adjusting the frequency of data collection.

Source: Tindie