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Jeff Garoon

  • Y-Combinator alumni from the Winter 2016 batch
  • Currently serves as COO of FlowCommand
  • At FlowCommand, Jeff is responsible for all hardware design, firmware development, and operations
  • Spent his early career as a Production Engineer and Lead Completion Engineer at Oxy USA
  • Has been on Y-Combinator’s alumni application review committee for the last 3 cohorts, has raised three rounds of financing, and manages a staff of 17 engineers
  • Member of Incubate USC, where he has assisted in writing undergraduate coursework on accelerators and incubators

Industrial product design and testing

  • What makes a product an industrial device?
  • Prototyping Industrial Hardware
  • Arduino and development boards -> First Article

What kind of regulations and certifications do you have to work with?

  • How to make it work when you are bootstrapping
  • Class 1 Div 1/2 Testing/validation/documentation
  • Explosion Proof Devices and Construction
  • Intrinsically Safe Barriers

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