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  • PinoTaur Revision 2 
    • Passes smoke and programming test
    • Onward to shipping it off to testers and programmers
    • Have a friend that has a couple empty pinball cabinets
    • List for Revision 3
      • Change fuse holders to Keystone 3588
      • Fix a couple none chamfered traces
      • Update Logos
      • Full backside artwork
  • What is next for the PinoTaur project?
    • LED Boards using the APA-102C-NEW-260 that I have been testing
    • Wiring Harness Designs
    • Audio Amp for the RPI
      • PCM5122 + Class D Amp


  • Simulation of the Week
    • AC analysis
    • 2nd order low pass filter
    • Sallen-Key topology
    • Two examples with different cutoffs and Q
    • Next week – Monty Carlo and Gaussian distributions of tolerances
  • Fermentation Controller
    • Resurrecting the walking dead
    • Schematic is getting updated
    • Modifying system design for buttons instead of membrane switches
      • This is for robustness
    • Will be milling enclosures
      • Most of the layout is complete
      • Need to position screen

Special thanks to whixr over at Tymkrs for the intro and outro!

Source: Microfab

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