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Navitas’s integrated GaN solutions (GaNFast) enables chargers to efficiently operate up to 100× faster than those with conventional silicon. As an example, chargers based on GaNFast solutions should be able to recharge smartphones a lot faster.

This technology is based on gallium nitride (GaN), which allows the creation of smaller and more efficient dedicated integrated circuits. It can be used in many fields ranging from solar panel power supplies to charging systems for electric cars or computer applications such as charging computers, smartphones, and tablets. The free GaNFast chargers range from 27 W to 65 W with USB-C and USB-A options to cover a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

“Navitas’s main goal at CES is to educate consumers about a next generation of fast chargers that are smaller, lighter, and faster than before,” said Stephen Oliver, VP of Sales and Marketing, Navitas Semiconductor. “The concept is ‘work hard, play hard, charge less.’ Our method is to show that GaN is the new silicon and that GaN is proven technology — high-performance and low-risk.”

He added, “Having 30+ production chargers on display, in live demonstrations, and as part of our $50,000 GaNFast Give-Away is clear proof of high performance, high production capacity, and high trust in GaN and Navitas from many customers.

“We will also have fun with a ‘$50,000 GaNFast Give-Away,’ where we will give away over 1,000 new GaN chargers as prizes and as a trade-in on old silicon chargers. We also have a $1,000 cash prize if you get the fastest lap on our race simulator!”

Navitas is going to show key consumer brand partners who adopt the technology at CES 2020. GaNFast is a technology designed for the integration of chargers for smartphones and notebooks that offers a higher charging speed compared to traditional devices. By using unique materials, you can create robust power supplies that take up less space at the same time.

The implementation of GaNFast by Navitas reduces energy consumption by a whopping 40% compared to silicon transistors. GaNFast also works with non-proprietary Power Delivery specifications, which are common among USB Type-C laptops and some smartphones.

Source: EE WEB

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