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It’s always good to have extra effects, whether you have a lo-fi keyboard, electric guitar or an analogue drum machine – they always add new flavour and dimension to your sound. The Glassjaw Vaccum Tube Overdrive Pedal is a superb example of this, employing classic amplification components used in early electronic devices: Vaccum Tubes! Known for their warmth, depth, and brilliant sound.

This supreme stompbox is available as a fully completed unit, which is a good thing because this baby takes a 12 V signal up to 150 V via the internal buck boost power supply. It has controls for saturation and volume, to attenuate the suitably beefed-up sound – which will take you from shiny crispness to raw grit at the turn of a knob! The heater and plate are both engaged from the power on, meaning (even when bypassed) you’ll get access to the fully warm signal at all times.

The Bugera 12AX7/ECC83 Vacuum Tube has a JFet preamp driver and is housed horizontally to result in a more compact design. The GlassJaw pedal is the first in an array of upcoming pedals from Vibrato LLC based in the USA, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more.

Hear what the pedal sounds like below:

Source: Tindie

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