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Arcade machines were overwhelmingly made by Japanese companies, which is why the standard they ended up using (JAMMA) was named after the Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association. This jam-packed PCB called the PARSEC Supergun allows using JAMMA PCBs outside of an old-school arcade cabinet. That means megafans of coin-op can play classics like the original Double Dragon II arcade game on a TV.

This is possible because of the aforementioned standard — though the games varied, the interfaces they used to connect to the display and controls remained the same. This allowed, for example, Donkey Kong machines to be turned into Donkey Kong Jr. machines. The nickname given to this type of device in the arcade community is a “SuperGun” — thus the name PARSEC SuperGun.

This compatibility is made even more convenient for home use with the PARSEC. All it needs is a standard ATX power supply, the JAMMA board you want to play, some sort of compatible input (Neo Geo controllers work), and a sound/composite display output. Presto! You can impress your friends by having the real deal running in your living room, and not an emulated machine like most modern cabinets use. It seems that customers love it too, as this product has a 5-star review rating on Tindie!

Tindie seller Low Budget have even included optional “hats” for VGA (with both composite and TTL output options), as well as component video. The JAMMA connector has the Japanese characters thoughtfully printed on it to make setup easier — a very nice touch. The standard board also has buttons to put the game into service or test modes — so you can play for free! You can, of course, attach a coin collector if you want your friends to bring quarters every time they drop by.

Here is the designer showing off an earlier (v1.0) revision of the board:

Source: Tindie

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