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While 3D printers are an exciting technology, in many cases people leave them alone to work on their projects for hours at a time. As is the case with any kind of machinery, there’s an inherent risk of malfunction or fires. However small, it’s important to have something in place to shut down the printer.

3Dsmoke is designed for 3D printers using filament deposition, which involves electricity, high temperatures, and flammable elements. The device cuts off power to your printer when a wireless smoke detector senses the presence of smoke or a fire.

The kit includes a wirelessly controlled power outlet and a small wireless smoke detector to ensure an added layer of safety in your workspace. The 3Dsmoke can safely run and switch off printers up to 2500W. All you need are 2 AAA batteries to power it, and the expected lifetime for those is an entire year.

Mounting it on the top of the printer enclosure provides the best results. While a solution like this is designed to provide additional safety and peace of mind, there’s always an inherent risk, so buyers should still maintain a watchful eye on their printers as always.

Source: Tindie

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