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The next generation of engineers, scientists, and makers will all need to understand the intricacies of technology that is growing and maturing all around us today. STEM education is a growing movement, and within that is the need to understand robotics, because like it or not, they’re going to be a big part of the future.

Thankfully, the ROBOSTEP kit has us building something less complicated than a T-800. The kit features an open source hardware design based on the Arduino platform, and easy coding through the Playbotix Studio.

The manual includes twelve chapters that range across a variety of topics that an instructor could use to create lesson plans surrounding the robot and its functions.

The aforementioned Playbotix Studio also allows students to program the robot using a drag-and-drop interface with block-based graphics. Altogether, ROBOSTEP is a comprehensive kit for those who are teaching or learning about the wide world of robots.

Source: Tindie

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