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The SAW franchise is one of those horror films that you’ll either love or hate. This is especially true as you make your way through the series (some major ups and downs there). Through it all, however, Jigsaw’s puppet has always been an iconic part of the allure.

That’s why Magic Stone Tech brought a detailed and creative badge to DEFCON 27 this year. Aptly named SAW: The Badge, this depiction of Billy the puppet (which is actually his name in the films), has a few artistic touches and some fun secrets to uncover as well.

It all starts with 44 red LEDs in the cheek spirals that cycle through different animations. There are also LEDs on the bowtie and handkerchief, which add to the already vibrant art on the badge.

During all of this, a name tag continuously reminds everyone that this puppet has a name, and it’s not Jigsaw. There’s even a microcassette replica on the badge, much like the ones he delivers to the unfortunate people of the films.

When the tape SAO is connected, it shows animations that simulate tape movement. If it’s on any other badge, you’ll still get the back light, but it won’t move. The entire badge is controlled by a custom processor module built specifically for it. It includes a SAMD21 32-bit microcontroller powered by a 3.7v LiPo battery (which is included).

While many of them were sold at DEFCON 27, there are still some left, all of which are fully assembled before they are shipped out. For SAW fans, it’s a sweet collectors item, and for everyone else it’s still a really cool badge.

Source: Tindie

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