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Retro gaming has had a huge resurgence in recent years, for musical reasons as much as old school gaming nostalgia. The SNES/PDIF is a device to allow perfect digital audio output from the Super Nintendo, capable of optical and coxial output. Those looking for hi-fidelity audio from their game collection or for super sampling capabilities will have a super clean and crisp signal to enjoy.

The SNES/PDIF is a simple double-board mod kit which uses a mini TOSLINK socket, for dual output formats and requires just a 5mm hole drilled in the precious case. It’s been designed to keep the signal to noise ratio low by reducing the length of the lines to the serial board and having the signal routed away from the transmitter board. Included in the kit is everything you need to perform the modification, with two types of digital encoders to choose from.

With the likes of Look Mum No Computer delving deep into retro gaming synthesis, you’re sure to be inspired to make your own 16 or 8 Bit chiptunes, and devices like this make that experience all the more pleasurable. The SNES/PDIF was developed by Tindie seller Qwertymodo who is based in the USA.

Here’s a superb example of chiptunes on a SNES by Saitone:

Source: Tindie

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