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Sometimes when working on a project with LEDs, you might want control of each individual LED, so how do you make that happen? The PixyMaster is here to help you accomplish just that!

The PixyMaster is an ESP8266-based driver board that can be used to control NeoPixel LEDs. The board is WiFi-enabled so that changes to the LEDs can be done via a smartphone or laptop. This simple process allows for the installation of the LED strip almost anywhere, since programming can be done even when you can’t easily reach them.

The PCB size is approximately 25mm by 50mm and can be programmed using the Adafruit NeoPixel Library. It supports several kinds of LED types:

  • WS2811
  • WS2812/WS2812b (aka the NeoPixal)
  • WS2813
  • WS2815
  • SK6812 RGB or RGBW
  • WS2801 LEDs
  • Up to 5,000 APA102 LED or 2500 WS2812 LEDs

Now, when you need control over your LED design on your next project, you can do so with ease using the PixyMaster!

Source: Tindie

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