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The Deftaudio MacroPot is one of a new breed of MIDI controllers redefining the application and use of MIDI to create greater expression and advanced hardware control. It’s built using the Teensy/Arduino hardware and programming environments to enable a superb selection of programmable controls, which can be tailored to your unique studio setup.

The MacroPot is designed for ease of use, allowing for multiple configuartions and settings to multiple locations sent in unison, acting like a Macro controller commonly found in software synths – sending up to 5 simultaneous parameters at any one time! The MacroPot can send MIDI notes, CCs, Pitch Bend, Program Changes – with options to alter maximum and minimium parameter range, select MIDI channel, alter the data curve, and route the message to a particular MIDI output.

It comes loaded with features: one rotary dual colour encoder, OLED display, 2 control buttons, audio/cv/trigger/gate output, 4 USB MIDI ports, operational LEDs, one physical MIDI input port and 3 physical MIDI outputs. The MacroPot is available as a kit and fully assembled unit – with options to get the PCB only, the parts without a Teensy or a fully featured kit – a BOM list and assembly video are also available.

Discover more on the MacroPot GitHub page, and check out the explanation and demo video below.

Source: Tindie

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