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The DM77 Drum Synthesizer is an expressive eurorack module which functions equally well for percussion and effects as it does for drum sounds. It’s based on the Coron DS8 drum synth, but a completely redesigned circuit makes it more of a stand alone device than a clone.

It has a host of parameters to sculpt your sound, with two oscillators, an LFO, a noise source, sweep, release, frequency modulation, and audio input. The core oscillator works at 1V/Octave and is backed up by a second for angular percussive and metallic FM sounds. The audio input opens up possibilities for layering your drum hits with other gear, while the LFO, sweep and releases settings ensure each sound has its own unique character.

The DM77 has inputs for CV and Trigger, with a handy jumper setting for using it as a VCO. It’s 10HP wide and comes with a 2mm deep front panel in Matte Black with white silver silkscreen finish. It’s made in France by Electronic Things…and Stuff who have a whole range of sonic wizardary, particularly if you’re a eurorack owner.

See the development blog here and check out some of the sounds it makes in the demo below:

Source: Tindie

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