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September 19, 2019
2 pm ET / 11 am PT

The development of robots and robotic technology requires the mastery of multiple disciplines – primarily software development, mechanical and electrical engineering. Robotics development is made even more difficult as it is limited by embedded and real-time constraints. Commercial viability adds additional burdens for the robotics developer. Solution providers have responded to these difficulties by providing a whole host of robotics design, development tools, simulation and testing tools, as well as ready-made robotic ‘platforms’, that dramatically simplify the job of designing, developing, testing and manufacturing robots and robotic products. This webinar will provide an overview of current robotics development solutions, as well as highlight development trends.

  • Development Tools / IDEs / SDKs
  • Simulation / Testing Tools
  • CAD / CAM Tools
  • Class Libraries
  • ROS / Open Source Solutions
  • Middleware
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Featured Speaker:

Dan Kara
Vice President, Robotics
WTWH Media

Source: The Robot Report

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