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Competitiveness is one of my stronger qualities. I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good or bad thing. My close friends and family may favor the latter. While I contemplate my penchant for winning, check out this hilariously named competitive speed game on Tindie!

The ButtSnap, yes that’s the real name, is a simple competitive speed game meant to be played by two players. This product is a mini PCB with two buttons, one for each player, and three LEDs, the center LED is the trigger used to indicate the start of the game, the two outter LEDs indicate which play has won the round.

The game is played by each player placing their thumb/finger on a button. Once the trigger LED flashes on, the fastest player to press their button wins. The winner is shown by their LED lighting up.

The game features randomly timed rounds and bonus rounds where the player who presses the button the most times wins. Fun fact: the speed of the flashing of the trigger LED during this bonus round is set to the same speed as the current world record for button pressing!

Players can check the game’s score as well as the high score. The ButtSnap is powered by a CR2032 battery, which is included.

Harness your inner competitor and grab a friend to see who has the best reflexes.

Source: Tindie

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